Me supervising a road construction project in the Philippines 2015

As a young man, after travelling, I completed a mechanical apprenticeship. I studied hard and included extra learning such as electronics and welding. I took part in a mechanical competition in NSW and on the national level did very well, being placed second overall in NSW. I loved mechanics and over the years I gained great experience on many different models, which also included testing new vehicles.

After some time I decided to change my career and went into civil engineering construction. I enjoyed the technical challenges of civil engineering and found that it suited me very well. At the same time, I also began to get involved with building houses with my father who had a renovation business. I had by now considerable experience with house building and renovation.

My father started a bridge building company which I then became heavily involved with. Those were exciting and very challenging years and allowed me to greatly increase my skills. Unfortunately this ended after five years when my father passed away.

Me and my boys in the local climbing gym.

I went back to working with some of the largest civil engineering construction companies in Australia, broadening my experience on many different civil and marine projects which included developing innovative new approaches for road construction and concrete mix designs. I worked hard for many years in the civil engineering field and was fortunate to travel a lot with this career. Although I enjoyed my career, the hours and travel were hard on family life. When my last project finished I accepted a redundancy and went travelling with the family overseas before relocating to Brisbane.
The interesting thing is that along this whole journey, I was still professionally involved with servicing and repairing people’s cars and learning new mechanical technologies. This never stopped and I still continue to enjoy this today. I also continued to build and renovate my own houses as well as maintaining and repairing other peoples houses.

It was not long after much good encouragement from friends and many locals, that I launched the business “Chelmer Trade Services”.  This not only gave me the opportunity to professionally utilise all my qualifications & skills but to also be around my family more.